Rafoxanide is an ideally use for veterinary purposes. It endorses to the highest standards for use in all quantity forms. We are the leading rafoxanide manufacturer and rafoxinide supplier based in India.  The products comply with the BP Vet using the latest methods and provide the complete details to the clients all over the globe. Rafoxanide has perfect stability and reliability. We work with the professionals and produce the quality standard products and used for veterinary purposes. It is available in diverse form of drenches and injectables and habitually used in combination with comprehensive range nematicide.

It is tranquil used in livestock, especially in ruminants and immensely replaced by the additional efficient compounds. There are general forms of rafoxanide with miscellaneous micron uses such as suspension grade, oral suspension grade or drenches. The rafoxanide manufacturer by us is great in demand due to its precise composition and economical prizes. It is an organic compound integrated with the Salicylanilides anthelmintic. It consists in the group of chlorinated derivatives of Salicylanilides and chlorinated derivatives comprise Oxyclozamide & Niclosamide. It consists of MoI formula C19H11 Cl2I2NO3, Mol. Wt 626.01 gm/mol. They are used as anthelmintic drugs for veterinary purposes other than parasite worm infections.

It is anitparasitic drug which is used in the management and control of liver flukes, gastrointestinal in sheep, cattle, goats etc. The anti-parasite actions check its infections and slay the parasite.
Since the drug has certain pros and cons hence we advised our clients to consult a veterinary doctor before giving the medicines to the animals. This drug should not be given to dogs, cats and livestock. These drugs should not be given to the human beings. These drugs can be given to the sheep, goat and other livestock animals but only when doctor consult. We are the rafoxanide producers and produce the authentic drugs with proper prescriptions, features, compositions, prize and detail information about the products. We prefer the doctor advised before giving any drugs to the veterinary purposes.

We have also specified the advantages and disadvantages of the drugs. It is also mentioned with clear statement that these drugs are only for specific animal as per the veterinary consultant. The information given is based on the present knowledge and skills of professionals who have years of experience in these fields.

Here are the specifications of the product:

  • Product name:                 Rafoxanide
  • CAS No. :                               [22662-39-1]
  • Molecular formula:      C19H11Cl2I2NO3
  • Molecular weight:         626.01 g/mol.
  • Description:                      A greyish white to brown powder
  • Sulphated ash:                 Not more than 0.1 %.
  • Loss on drying:               Not more than 0.50 %.
  • Assay:                                     Between 98.0 % and 101.0 %.

After oral organization rafoxanide is gradually ingested into the circulatory system. Most extreme blood fixations are arrived at 2 to 3 days after medication. Rafoxanide ties to >99% to plasma proteins. It is overall dispersed all around the entire body however has a specific partiality for the thyroid organ.

Discharge is fairly abated, principally through bile and dung, basically as unaltered guardian atom. Short of what 1% of the regulated measurements was found in pee. Discharge half-life is something like 10 days. Rafoxanide remains visible in blood for more than 100 days after medication.

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